Our Dynamic Team

Oomar Moidin -Photographer – Mauritius

Yusuf Khodabacus – Cameramen – Mauritius

Yusuf  Byraub – Sound System In Charge -Mauritius

Jalal Kaiser – Website Admin- Pakistan

Mohammad Hafiz -Cd Cover Designer –  Bangladesh Working In Mauritius

Hafiz Wahaj Ahmed – Distributor &  Provider For Website – Pakistan

Ali azfar – abroad source of exclusive albums  – Malaysia & Mauritius

Taymullah Noorally Attari – Director – Mauritius


9 comments on “Our Dynamic Team

  1. Subhanallah. Nice website. I appreciate.
    Presentation 100%
    Design 100%

    I really appreciate the great job you and your dedicated team are doing in promoting Naat Shareef among Mauritian especially amoung the very-young one. To my personal opinion, if today youngsters are reading beautiful naat Shareef, you have the major contribution. May Almighty Allah bless and protect you and your family and of course tour QIC teams and Naat Khwaan.

    Whenever you would need me, u know where to catch me . . .

  2. Assalamu Alaikum

    Brother Taymullah, I congratulate you and your team for the great work in propagating, sharing, educating Islam both among young and old people. I do not know you personally, but I thank Allah to give me the opportunity to meet you in Chemin Grenier (La foire) and I grabbed this opportunity to buy some DVD’s and Mp3 with you.

    Honestly, I did not think whether here in Mauritius I could have such wonderful Naats, Cd’s and DVD’s under one roof. I would advise you to put some articles in the newspaper to make our brothers and sisters in Islam to know about your work.

    May Allah bless you and your team for all the effort in the path of propagating Islam.

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